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Progress School Open Lesson


More progress at Progress school

                Progress school English teachers have been conducting research on methods to improve lesson planning and instruction by using ‘open lessons’ to study and scrutinize their results. So far, one seventh grade lesson has been used and several teachers have taught that lesson to different groups of seventh graders. Each lesson is observed by the other English teachers and then after the lesson, comments and suggestions are given and then changes are made to the lesson plan. One day, we were able to observe a part of Harashash teacher’s lesson. A few weeks later the Progress English teachers invited all the English teachers in Jargalant soum to observe Sayarangul teacher’s open lesson and then take part in the discussion afterwards. We also went to Sayrangul’s lesson and were encouraged to see that quite a few English teachers from the other schools came. The Progress teachers gave a very thorough critique of the lesson and then allowed other teachers to give their opinions. Afterwards we all had tea and snacks together. Thank you Progress school English teachers for inviting us and providing a good opportunity to learn from each other and for your hospitality! We think this is a very productive idea and we wish you every success in it.