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Listening Exercises
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During the last few years, several new English text books have come from the Ministry of Education in Ulaanbaatar. A new English 1 with a non-writing curriculum has come for fifth grade as well as new English IV for eighth grade, new English V for ninth grade and new English YI for tenth grade. Unfortunately, none of the listening exercise CDs for these new text books have been sent out yet. Also, we have yet to find a source for the listening exercise CD for English 7 so all of these resources have been missing from the students lessons.


It is very, very, important that the students hear as much English as possible during their English lessons because they don’t have many opportunities to hear or speak English anywhere else, especially in the countryside schools and villages.  We really look forward to the day when the Ministry of Education is able to complete these much needed listening resources and provide them to all the schools in the nation. But until then, we have started to provide a temporary solution to this problem. With the technical help of a friend of ours and borrowing his recording equipment, we have started reading the tapescripts for these text books and making our own recordings that can be used in classrooms until the official CDs become available.


So far we have produced a CD for the new English 1 and distributed it to all the schools in Hovd aimag. The listening exercises for new English YI have also been completed and can now be downloaded HERE. We are continuing to work on recording the listening exercises for new English IV, V and English 7. We hope that soon, you will be able to download them all and start using them as soon as possible.


Please don’t forget that you can still use all the listening exercises from the old English series 1,2,3,4,5,6. During the 2012 teachers’ conference in August, we provided the listening files for all these books to every English teacher who came. Every village school was represented and so these files should already be at your school with that teacher. If you have a problem getting these listening files, please contact us at english@zereg.net and we will do our best to provide you with these resources.