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Some ideas for fun English classes


Making finger puppets
All you need is some paper, scissors, tape and some coloured pencils or pens.  These fourth graders made four finger puppets and then practiced introducing their family members : 'This is my dad.', 'This is my mum.', 'This is my brother.' and 'This is my sister.'

For step-by-step pictures go to the Finger Puppet tab at the top of this page!






Name Tags

Making name tags  helps me to learn the names of my new students at the beginning of the school year.







Let's go shopping!

You can use any old packaging to make a fun 'supermarket'.  'Customers' and 'Shop assistants' can practice 'buying' and 'selling' in English.






Students of all ages love competitions.



Learning English is fun!

Do you have any ideas for fun English classes?

Please share them with us!


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Include your name, and the name of the school where you teach.